I've been been a music teacher for over 20 years, from local music stores, local churches, and even founding a program in the Richmond area in 2003.  With a focus on fun and performing, my lesson program is catered to the student's interests while including the fundamentals every musician needs to be successful.  

Students will learn performance techniques, ear training, music theory, sight reading and more, each varying based on the age, ability and interest of the student.  Performance and recording opportunities are available and encouraged!

Lessons are priced based on three factors: length of lesson (30, 45 or 60-minute lessons), frequency (weekly or on-demand) and location (my studio or another location).  Payments are made monthly before the first lesson of each month.  I don't believe in tying families into long-term contracts; you only commit to the month or package you buy.

Check out my rates below, or scroll to the bottom for more FAQs.


WEEKLY PRIVATE LESSON RATE (Clay's studio/Student's home)

  • 30-minute: $25 / $35
  • 45-minute: $38 / $53
  • 60-minute: $50 / $70
    Weekly lessons are purchased in packages of 4 or 5 (depending on the lessons that month) prior to first lesson of the month.

(Any non-weekly lesson; every other week or scheduled one lesson at a time)

  • 30-minute: $150 / $210 (package of 5)
  • 45-minute: $225 / $315 (package of 5)
  • 60-minute: $300 / $420 (package of 5)
    On-demand lessons are purchased in packages prior to first lesson.


Group lessons are available upon request from 2 - 8 people.  Contact me for details if you have a group for lessons.


Record a band, duet or solo instrument in my studio, "The Attic".  Music lesson students receive a discounted rate on hourly recording.

  • $60 for a 2-hour session (minimum), plus $25 per hour per additional hour
  • Current students can purchase a one-hour session for $20
  • Current students can also purchase a one-song recording for $5. Available on CD or mp3.

Please complete the form below IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LESSONS.

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Use this space to tell me any information about your student you feel I should know. Include musical interests, prior experience, personality traits, etc.


What age should a student start?
Any age - really!  However, I wouldn't recommend paying for lessons until 5 or 6 years old; when they can retain and practice the information, as they do with school work.

How long should my lesson be?
For younger students, 30 minutes is plenty of time to improve on existing skills and learn new ones for the coming week.  45 and 60 minute lessons are most effective when the student practices more between lessons.

What performance opportunities are there?
Once or twice a year, I will arrange a recital for any interested students.  Also, as a performing musician myself, some students may be able to sit-in with me a a local show. 

What about make-up lessons?
Life happens.  I will work with my students to be as fair and flexible as possible to both my schedule and the student's schedule.  For weekly lessons, a missed lesson may be made-up during any non-regular time slot, provided at least 24-hours notice was given.  For on-demand lessons, missed lessons simply won't count against their purchased package provide at least 24-hours notice was provided.  

When 24-hours notice isn't provided, make-ups may be provided on a case-by-case basis.

How can I make payment?
Payments are made on or before the first lesson of each month for weekly students, and before the first lesson of a package.  All major credit cards are accepted, debit payments through the "Square Cash" app, or PayPal.  No checks please.